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Do I need to create an account to search thought the Sale-business database?
Ans : No, to search through all of our small businesses for sale, you do not need to create an account; however you will not be able to contact the seller of a business unless you create an account. If you are worried about your privacy please read our privacy policy. You should also read our terms and conditions before creating an account to contact sellers of small businesses.
How can I prevent my employees, my customers and my vendors from knowing I’m considering selling?
Ans : Confidentiality is perhaps, the most critical issue for a business broker. Virtually every business seller doesn’t want his employees, customer or vendors to know that his business is for sale. Sale-business is very cognizant of this fact and in every step that we take we emphasize confidentiality.
What’s it going to cost me?
Ans : Sale-business has no upfront fees. There is no cost or fees to pay, up to three listings our services are completely free for buyers and sellers
Do I have to pay to access a business for sale listing information?
Ans : No, we offer completely free services to viewers and buyers.
Do you charge a commission for selling businesses?
Ans : No, we will never charge a commission on the sale of your business. The only payment to us is the cost of placing your ad and for future listing and home page display.
How do I sell my business?
Ans : In order to sell your business on our site you need to register with us as a seller, and thereafter you have to fill in ‘sell your business’ form. And we will review your ad and list it on our site.
Can I modify my ad at anytime?
Ans : Yes, you can modify or delete your ad at any time 24hrs a day with real time updates; you never have to wait for someone to review your content for it to be posted
How do I get more details about a business for sale?
Ans : For further information about a business for sale you are requested to contact the seller or the seller’s representative be it (an agent, broker, or intermediary) directly via contact number that is provided by us.
I am interested in a certain type of business but I can’t find one listed on your website.
Ans : We have tried to list as many business types in our search criteria as possible; however, when we only have 1 or 2 of a certain type of business on the database we do not open a new section for it. This is to ensure that we always manage to bring back a number of businesses when you define your search criteria. If it is an unusual business type you are looking for, please try the miscellaneous section.
I have forgotten my username and/or password.
Ans : Click on "Login" in the main index and use the "Forgotten your password?" link. Your password will then be emailed by us to you.
How do we advertise our company on this site?
Ans : We have many advertising options, for more information on advertising on our site please contact us.
I cannot find an answer to my question
Ans : In any case you still cannot If you still cannot find and locate an answer to your question you can feel free to contact us and we assure a sure answer to your question and we will try to respond within 48 hours.

If you are experiencing a technical problem, it would intensely help our support team if you could detail the browser (IE or Netscape) and version you are using, any error messages produced, and the page/pages you are trying to view.
I have a complaint to make what shall I do?
Ans : Your complaint is very imperative to us, and we consider all complaint seriously, please report your complaint on our ‘contact us’ page.
I have a comment what shall I do?
Ans : Please contact us with your comments and suggestions, please furnish all possible information as possible. You may contact us from our ‘contact us’ page.
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